Mercantour : Distance 90’
(Pictures taken by Nicolas Watillon)

The wildest National Park of France extends over 136,500Ha twinned with the Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime in Italy with which it shares 33km of border (Valley of the Roya, valley of the Bevera, valley of the Vésubie, valley of Tinée; valley of Haut Var and Cians, valley of Ubaye and valley of Verdon).

A beautiful way to discover the Massif de l’Estérel by trails often very steep and sumptuous red pitons of amaranth lava, the sea at the Summit of the Bear Peak. If he were to remain one Massif, the Esterel mountains would be the inevitable only. Its characteristic red rock and steep reliefs lend charm to the landscape planning. You fall under its spell, we guarantee you !

Plateau de Calern (The Calern Shelf)
The massive limestones that make up the plateau of Calern reach in places a thickness of 450 m. The effects of superficial corrosion are spectacular, and the surfaces of the lapiazia, as well as sinkholes of all sizes, will be observed everywhere.
The Calern schelf

Plateau de Caussols

This hike does not involve any difficulty. Arrived at the Col d’Aven, you will have the pleasure of seeing the Gorges Cages du Loup (wolf ) from another angle. This place is also frequented by a school of paragliders and by more confirmed members. Watch out for the ravine if you are walking with children.